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"You deserve a job that makes you happy"

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What will you get?

  • Consulting on the Strategic use of CV, LinkedIn and Cover Letter (1h call with me)
  • Interview Preparation (1h call with me)
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    Strategic use of LinkedIn, CV and Cover Letter

    - 1 hour consultancy online session, to learn practical tips about How to:

    • Get more visibility using LinkedIn and have your profile noticed by recruiters
    • Tailor your CV to each job that you apply to
    • Use linkedin for job search
    • Position yourself as an expert in your area.
    • Search for the best job opportunities
    • Build trust
    • Grow your network
    • How the algorithm works

    Interview Preparation

    - 1 hour consultancy online session, to learn practical tips about:

    • What goes on in the recruiter's mind during the interview.
    • Get practical information and tips about job interviews
    • Become familiar with different interview structures
    • Build up self-confidence and learn how to “sell” yourself
    • Examples of answers and scenarios you could face
    • Learn to ask the right questions


    “Thank you” letter template, to use after the interview.

    Lifetime access to my private community, in which I share relevant information about LinkedIn, CV and job search in general.