You deserve a job that makes you happy

Starting from scratch is overwhelming and scary.
But you are worthy of a job that's aligned with your
vision and values. That’s where I come in


I 100% believe that when you are happy with your job, all the other areas of life flow much better. My goal is to help you land a job that makes you happy, so you can use your time and energy to take care of the things and people that matter to you.
Juliana Rabbi
About me

Juliana Rabbi

I’m Juliana, a recruiter-turned-career consultant. I help professionals land their dream jobs. Craft your CV, optimize your LinkedIn and prepare for interviews with a second pair of hands - those of an actual recruiter.

I know what it’s like to take a 180 career flip. Starting from scratch is overwhelming and scary. But you deserve a job that’s aligned with your vision and values. That’s where I come in.

If you’re searching for a new job, trying to get an internal promotion, move into a totally different industry or build your career in a new country, I’m here for you. As an online career consultant, I adore guiding people on this process and I celebrate when my clients land a new job! I know what works in a recruitment process and how to highlight your strengths as a candidate.

I offer a close, personalized and results-driven service. You can find a job that gives you the life you want. You just need to structure things in a recruiter-friendly way. Together, we’ll work on bringing out your outstanding qualities to land you a happy life.

I help high-level professionals and jobseekers

  • Craft a CV that ticks the right boxes
  • Create and manage a LinkedIn profile that makes you stand out
  • Prepare for job interviews until you’re confident

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What makes you tick as a candidate

I've been a recruiter since 2006, so I know the key traits that recruiters look for in interviews, CVs and LinkedIn profiles

I know how challenging it can be and how emotions can affect you

I have been a job seeker myself, and struggling a bit in the process

You are free to decide

Which kind of job and lifestyle makes you happy

Speed up the process

As your online career consultant I will help you to get there


My experience living in different countries and working with people from all 7 continents showed me that the language barrier can decrease your confidence during the job search. We can work together in English, Spanish or Portuguese, so I can help you build your career in the language you feel most comfortable with.


You will work directly with me. One-on-one, personal insight from an experienced recruiter and career consultant.

You can be anywhere

100% online - you can be anywhere in the world. As long as you have decent WiFi, we are good to go!

That’s okay!

We start with whatever you have now (your current CV or LinkedIn profile and the job offers you want to apply for). If you have nothing, that’s okay! We’ll start from scratch.


You can learn the steps to get the job you want and deserve.

Don’t settle. Find your dream job.

If you’re reading this, it’s because you care about standing out.

You can learn the steps to get the job you want and deserve.

Anyone can have a regular curriculum and a standard LinkedIn profile, but they won’t help much to get your dream job.

Maybe you’ve already tried your best, doing everything to be successful in your job search, but you are not getting the results you deserve.

Perhaps you just don’t have the time or patience to do it all alone, and you would rather have professional assistance.

Either way, I can help you get where you want to go in your work life.

- I know from experience that situations can be changed, and I can guide you in the process.

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